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Complete Commercial Cleaning Services in Cape Coral, FL

Complete Commercial Cleaning Services in Ft Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Naples FL

A clean and organized environment encourages employees to be more productive. Jade Maintenance provides contract commercial cleaning services in Ft Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples FL at competitive rates at competitive rates from one to seven days per week.

Cleaning Supplies - Complete Commercial Cleaning Services | Cape Coral, FL

Unmatched Services

Whether it is once a week or every night, the same person or persons arrives every time to perform the cleaning duties correctly. Our people are trained to detect any potential problems that need attention such as roof leaks, plumbing issues, and maintenance issues, to name a few. Carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and complete floor maintenance is available at an additional charge for our clients. We offer dry cleaning or steam extractions (recommended) of carpet and Scotchgard® services. Management inspects accounts regularly to address situations before they become an issue.

Clients Include:

• Doctors' Offices
• Legal Offices
• Real Estate Companies
• CPAs
• Property Managers
• Common Areas for Malls
• Common Areas for Commercial Buildings

Tasks Include:
• Dust Exposed Surfaces-Desk, Shelving, Counters, Equipment, & Lamps
• Furniture
• Empty Trash & Ashtrays, Replace Trash Liners as Needed
• Wipe Inside & Outside of Trash Containers
• Water Plants as Necessary
• Remove Marks on Walls, Doors, & Switch Plates
• Spot Clean & Vacuum All Carpeted Areas
• Sanitize Toilets, Sinks, & Counters
• Clean Restroom Floors, Mirrors, & Tiles
• Restock All Paper Supplies & Hand Soap
• Clean inside & Outside of Appliances
• Sanitize All Kitchen Surfaces
• Sweep & Mop All Floors

Additional Tasks Include:
• Feather-Dust All Permanently Mounted Pictures & Frames
• Clean Baseboards with Damp Cloth as Necessary
• Inspect & Remove All Cobwebs from Interior Walls & Corners
• Clean Air Vents & Ceiling Fans
• Wipe Down Glass Areas, Internal Windows, & Window Sills
• Dust Chair Bases & Blinds

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